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The Movie "The Horse Whisperer" And The Law Of Attraction

My first experiences of “Source Energy,” this energy that is filled with joy and love and a knowing that we are but a part of this magnificent unfolding of life on earth is how I feel when I am in nature… nature is pure Source energy, one cannot be in nature without feeling this awe of the miracle of every flower and mountain and river and ocean.

The Horse Whisperer is a magnificent film in many ways and one profound way is the experience one receives in watching the beauty of nature unfold, the rivers and the mountains and the glory of it all is here to behold.

Annie (Kristen Scott Thomas) is the editor of “Cover” magazine, a glamorous New York magazine. She is hardnosed and quick to impatience and irritability. And basically this is a story of one woman’s determination and inspired action to save her daughter and ultimately herself.

Grace (Scarlett Johanssen) is the daughter of Annie and Robert (Sam Neil). Grace is passionate about horses especially her very own, named Pilgrim. When her friend Judith and herself go out for an early morning ride one day, it ends in a tragic accident causing Judith’s death and Graces losing one of her legs. Pilgrim is terribly injured and it is recommended that he be put down. Annie feeling in her gut that this is not the right thing to do says “no” to this decision.

Pilgrim is a changed horse, not only badly injured but also deeply traumatized… and this gets acted out in erratic and explosive behaviour.

Grace gets out of the hospital and is deeply discouraged and despairing about her changed life circumstances. When she first sees Pilgrim after the accident, she becomes even more discouraged and alarmed at how her beloved horse is suffering and has changed. She sees the deep trauma in his eyes.

Annie’s world gets turned upside down, because of her worry about how Grace is going to recover from this accident… and so Annie begins the search for help. She has a deep knowing that if Grace stays in New York, where she now goes to school that she will become more and more depressed… Annie’s desire for her daughters restoration to wellness gets ignited in a powerful way. In her search on the internet for help she comes across the work of horse healer, Tom Booker (Robert Redford), who lives in Montana. She calls him and says… “I read this article about what you do for people with horse problems” she says and he responds “the truth is I help horses with people problems.” This conversation that ends with Tom saying he cannot help her, motivates Annie to take inspired action and bring Grace and Pilgrim out to Montana to see Mr. Tom Booker. She has a deep knowing that this will be healing for them.

In a discussion with her husband, her anger and her frustration is fully shown, as she bangs on the table and says “I cannot explain it, I just know it is the right thing.”

And so Annie loads up the horse trailer with Pilgrim and a hostile and reluctant Grace and they head out to Montana. In a moment of truth between Annie and Grace, while on the road… Grace who is accusing her mother of acting selfishly and saying that this trip is all about her and nothing more… Annie yells… “I don’t know… I don’t have all the answers” And Grace replies ” no, you just act like you do…”

The healing in this story begins as soon as one sees the scenery that Annie and Grace are driving through… it is stunningly beautiful…

Annie finds Tom Booker at last and he is stunned that she has driven a traumatized horse all the way out to Montana from New York… he lets her know that this trip is likely a waste of time and Annie in her KNOWING say “listen please don’t do the shucks mam thing again, I have just driven a few thousand miles for a few minutes of your time… just take a look at him and if you still feel the same way I will be on the road in the morning and you will never hear from me again… OK deal?… Tom Booker is says…”Gee” as we can tell he agrees to do as he is asked.

Question for Grace “I do not know if I can do anything and I am prepared to give it a go if you will help… do have a problem with that… Grace scowls, looks at her amputated leg and says “isn’t it obvious” and Tom says “not to me it isn’t.” At last Grace agrees to cooperate and the healing begins to unfold.

Funny moments when Tom’s brother’s wife says “that’s just what we need a vegetarian from New York on our cattle ranch.”

Annie’s deep WANTING for her daughter’s recovery is matched by her own transformation that slowly occurs. She tries to do her work while at the ranch and it gets I the way of the flow of what is before her and she ends up losing her job and while stunned, realizes that it is just a job and what is happening here is more important to her.

Annie slowly gets led back into activities that she used to love, like horse back riding and being alone in nature and just being instead of doing all the time.

Annie’s desire for deep intimacy that has not been present in her marriage with her husband to date… begins to get rekindled when her and Tom Booker have an attraction for one another. In one scene Tom and Annie are talking on the front porch and Annie’s leg is moving up and down nervously… Tom says “do you ever sit still” and Annie replies “if you sit still in New York for to long you get renovated.” Interesting metaphor for how one can get lost in the hustle and bustle of life in any big city. Tom encourages Annie to relax into the place while she is here. And then Tom shares his past relationship with his wife… he used to live in Chicago with her and she loved the city and he needed more space and it was just not meant to be… the relationship that is… and an obvious deep love is still very present… Annie asks him “how did you know that you were not meant for each other” to which Tom relies “knowing is the easy part, saying it out loud is the hard part.’ In a moment of intimacy between Annie and Tom, Tom says “for what it is worth, it took a lot of guts for you to come here.” And then he intimately squeezes her leg, as she is getting settled back on her horse… this is the beginning of a more physical relationship between the two of them.

And then Annie’s husband arrives unannounced and the tension between the two of them starts to soften when he says “you were right to bring them here.”… The country dance is when her husband gets a clue that something is happening between Annie and Tom… the dance to the song “looking for a soft place to fall” is erotic and touching between them. A scene after this when Annie comes in to the barn after Tom and Tom says to her “you have to figure out what you WANT” and she says “do you know what you WANT”… he reply’s “I do know what I want and I am trying real hard not to get lost in this… I never expected to feel this way again. Annie this is where I belong, this is what I want, is this what you want? She says “Yes” and he says if you could go home and change things would you and she replies “it is not that simple” to which he replies “it is that simple.”

They talk about being in “Source” “in peace”, when stopping for a break after an exhilarating ride. Annie says how she envy’s Tom’s mother because she is older and has no more “impossible decisions to make” they are mostly behind her… and Tom says “I don’t think you have to wait to be her age to find that kind of peace” She asks him if he has that kind of peace to which he reply’s “sometimes waking up in the morning, knowing what I am suppose to be doing that day, knowing I’m HOME… she replies that she wakes up every morning, worrying if she made the right decisions and the more I try to fix things the more things seem to fall apart” to which Tom replies “just let em fall.” She says “I can’t.”

Tom begins the process of loving Pilgrim back into positive alignment with the magnificent beast he is… soothing him and loving him daily, step by step… the trauma has caused Pilgrim to forget who he really is. It is such a great story and unfolding and one witnesses how animals help to stabilize us and ground us to the planet.

Tom is also the catalyst who slowly helps brings Grace back into alignment with her Source energy… the joy and wonder of who she really is… knowing full well that a missing limb is not all that significant to who one really is. He gets to know Grace and asks her for more information on what happened that dreadful day of the accident… when she shares, he encourages her to stay focused and present and not go into the deep depression that he knows she could, if she was not focused on the day to day progression of healing Pilgrim and life on the ranch… “do whatever you have to do to hold on and I’ll tell you one more thing, you know when Pilgrim reared up on you I think that damn horse loved you so much he was trying to protect you”… lowering Grace’s resistance by giving her much needed knowledge about Pilgrim and his love for her… that profound bond between beast and human.

Tom also is the catalyst in bringing Annie and Grace closer together… one evening after the adults find out the Grace tried to ride a horse, Grace goes off in anger and Tom says to Annie “don’t let her turn you away” and Annie goes into Grace’s room and says how great it is that she is riding again. They break through their anger with one another and Grace starts to cry saying “who is ever going to want me like this, nobody will (she is referring to her leg)”… Annie responds “one day someone will look at this extraordinary woman and all they will see is how much they love you… that is all I see.”

Another aspect of this story that is so lovely is how the Bookers live their lives day to day on the ranch. The knowing what they will do each day and going with the flow of nature and the chores and the knowing that this is where they are meant to be and what they are meant to be doing, he ebb and flow of it all. It is lovely to watch how Annie and Grace become part of this daily unfolding doing what they can to pitch in and be of help.

And then the whole aspect of grounded extended family is witnessed when they have large gatherings of the relatives coming over and sharing a day of labor and a meal. It shows the way a person gets a sense of belonging to something greater than oneself, a stability at one’s core.

The grand finale is when Tom believes that Pilgrim is ready for Grace to finally ride again. So much preparation has gone into this moment and it is magnificent how Tom knows just what to do to, especially when it appears that Pilgrim is not ready because he behaves as though he is still scared… and then Pilgrim collapses after having the resistance within him worked out and then soothed. Grace is part of the soothing, when Tom invites her over to rub Pilgrim and prepare him for the ride that will release Pilgrim from the trauma once and for all… the deep love and bond between Pilgrim and Grace is shown in this profound scene, with Tom saying to Grace “there is a point when neither of you are going to need me anymore and we are there!” Such a statement of empowerment, the ultimate gift one can offer another… this indeed has been Tom’s vision all along. Grace helps lift Pilgrim up with her on his back and Pilgrim begins the ride back into full alignment with the stream of Wellness that flows through him. Grace of course being ecstatic throwing her arms into the air with absolute joy.

Annie and her husband have the moment of truth between them when he says to her “I swear I stood looking at that horse and I swear that the same thing was happening to me and I have two choices, I can either fight the way things are or accept them… see I’ve always known that I loved you more than you loved me, it didn’t bother me… I guess I felt rather lucky, even amazed that a woman like you would want to be with a man like me and I would think if I could be the best husband or the best father and even being a good lawyer was only good if it meant it could get you me… and I didn’t ask for more because I told myself I didn’t need anymore but the truth is you don’t know how you feel about me, you don’t know if you want a life with me anymore and the truth is I don’t want you to come home until you do know, one way or the other OK… and Annie nods in agreement… hugging him closely and tenderly realizing what he has been through… we the audience are left with the impression after Annie asks Tom for a final ride together and then takes off without the going on the ride… that she is going back home to be more true to herself and her husband…

A wonderful show of love and desire and the unfolding of the universe… as difficult as it can be at times. The LAW OF ATTRACTION is at the heart of all desire, this that we call “WANTING.”

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