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Herbal Home Remedies and Supplements You’ve Never Heard Of

We begin by listing available home remedies and other natural remedies according to the symptom or condition they treat. In many cases, these findings may be the result of people’s personal experiences, historical usage in some parts of the world, or anecdotal evidence. Therefore, you should check with your doctor about these claims and whether the drug may work in your unique situation:

– For erectile dysfunction or impotence in men, or low libido in men and women, the following herbs are known to work: Yagara, Cistanches, Cnidium, Lotus Stamen, Curculiginis

– These supplements are said to have an effect on reducing infertility: Cistanches, Cnidium, safflower plants, Curculiginis

– For anxiety and depression, the following natural herbs are said to be home remedies or at least powerful enough to take the edge off: Bacopa, Biotaseed, BlueScullCap, Jujube Date, Elderflower, Cyani

– Many people turn to herbal remedies and natural dietary supplements. These two are said to suppress the appetite: Atractylodes, Patience Dock,

– Herbal remedies should never replace cholesterol-lowering prescriptions, but these two supplements can help lower cholesterol even more: Achyranthes, Road Weed,

– Some people avoid aspirin and other pain relievers because of side effects or because they prefer the natural route. This plant is known to help with pain: Achyranthes

– The usual use of the herbal preparation is natural sleep and rest during periods of anxiety or insomnia. These supplements are known to help with this purpose: Bacopa BlueScullCap, Biota Seed, Jujube Date,

– For inflammation, a lesser known but powerful home remedy can be obtained with this: Cibotium, Senega Root

– Although this herbal supplement should not replace your doctor’s prescription, it can help lower blood pressure: safflower herb

– To help with digestive problems, this is known to be a home remedy: Road grass,

– Many people turn to natural supplements for skin problems such as acne and have found success with the following home remedies: Skin Problems: Patience Dock, Five Finger Grass, Elderflower,

– For arthritis, some natural remedies are known to help with everyday symptoms, including: Patience Dock, safflower herb,

– To speed up the healing of infections (again, do not take unless you have consulted a doctor) the following natural herbs are known to help: Drynaria, Cyani

Above is a list of lesser known but very powerful natural herbal remedies and remedies for these conditions. Your local herbalist or herbal medicine store can prepare the herb in a way that will be most beneficial for your unique condition.

This second list refers to natural home remedies and dietary supplements. Again, keep in mind that you should consult your doctor or a trained herbalist before using any of these alternative medicine strategies. This is true for anyone, but especially if you have any special medical conditions like pregnancy, high blood pressure, etc.

– ACHYRANTHES: It is used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, diuretic and vasodilator. It is used in the treatment of painful back and knees, to treat hypertension and lower cholesterol levels. It should never be used during pregnancy. Root juice was used to treat toothache, indigestion and asthma.

– ATRACTYLODES: Used to relieve headaches, improve night vision, and improve vision that weakens due to age. It is known to be an excellent remedy for nausea and diarrhea. Some report a decrease in appetite when taking this herb.

– BIOTASEED: This herb is used to treat depression, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and memory problems.

– BLUESCULLCAP: the plant is considered to have strong antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. Some have reported that it helps with insomnia and other sleep problems.

– CISTANCHES: This powerful plant is said to strengthen sexual function and cure impotence in men. It is also said to increase fertility in women.

– CNIDIUM: a multipurpose plant, cnidium is known to increase potency and even act as an aphrodisiac. Some say it increases fertility in both men and women. In particular, cnidium seeds were used as a means of disinfecting wounds.

– CURCULIGINIS: Curculiginis is used in Chinese medicine to strengthen function and improve fertility in men and women, and to improve strength and generally reduce pain.

– CYANI: This plant is mostly used to treat stings, insect and snake bites. Dried cyanide is used to treat bruises, and cyanide dissolved in water is said to ward off infectious diseases. Less common findings are that cyanide can heal mouth sores, conjunctivitis, eye problems, stomach upsets, anxiety and toothaches.

– DIPSACUS: This herb has been found to fight Lyme disease and other infections, improve circulation and treat warts.

– DRYNARIA: This versatile herb is used to speed up the healing of broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains and bruises. As a preventive herb, drynaria is used to strengthen the lower back and knees.

– ELDER FLOWERS: These flowers have been used in a variety of ways, including treating skin conditions, reducing pain, calming anxiety, treating heart disease, and reducing fever.

– FIVE-FINGER GRASS: This plant is known to help reduce fever, slow down periodontitis and treat coughs. It is especially good for the skin, as it is said to heal infections, wounds, rashes and other irritations. Some say five-toed grass also reduces wrinkles.

– GLEHNIA: This plant is used to reduce cough and dry throat and general hoarseness

– JUJUBEDATE: This fruit is used in Eastern medicine to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. The juice is very soothing for a sore throat.

– LOTUS POLLEN: This medicinal plant has been found to strengthen the kidneys and bladder, and it has also been found to improve potency in men.

– PATIENT DOCK: This herb is used to treat skin diseases and blood disorders. Some have reported that it can be used to treat diabetes, rheumatism, ulcers and coughs. Some have been able to lose weight using the patience dock as an aid.

– ROADWEED: This herb is used to treat digestive ailments and respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. It is also said to strengthen the body after illness, and to treat liver diseases and urinary infections. It is said that the herb in the form of syrup cleanses the blood, heals skin irritations and inflammations, and cures herpes, eczema and arthritis. Recently, weed has also been said to lower cholesterol.

– SAFFRON PLANTS: These plants have been found to reduce infertility, lower high blood pressure and treat arthritis.

– SENEGA ROOT: This root is used to treat colds and inflammation, bronchitis and other inflammations of the respiratory tract. Senega is said to have the potential to treat non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

– STILLINGIA: This multipurpose medicinal herb helps clear up skin blemishes from eczema to acne, and also appears to help the body rid itself of toxins in general.

– TANG-KUEI: This Chinese herb is said to be particularly beneficial for women who have a challenging cycle. It has also been found to have a soothing effect on tired muscles.

– XANTHINOL NICOTINATE: xanthinol nicotinate is an extremely powerful form of niacin, which easily passes through cell membranes. It is used to treat circulation problems and certain memory problems, as well as to improve reaction time.

These two lists of nutritional supplements and natural home remedies are far from complete, but they provide some of the more powerful but lesser-known alternative remedies you may not have heard of.

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