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Nerveflit! The Ultimate Freestyle Poem

“Apr 23 2003, 06:55 AM”


stomped my foot

and the ole hoot owl

just keep hooting


Poet is Priest

I’m confused clutter

-pour me a drink


Sip my coffee

and aint no haiku

here. aint no!


Whisky breath –

New Years Eve

-forget me not


passionate –


-you woe me & be gone.


Mondrian rhythms –

St. Louis art museum

-clos’d my eyes


quicksand in your

teeth, grit in your



tishmal –

dismal –



dharma –




Yugen –




bury my foot down

yonder with my wounded



stars yawn, my gut

picks up where it

left off


non response! void

is truth-untouchable:

attentive be the flame.


gray ghost voice –

anonymous tone



pass the wine –

so full of cyn.


Under the arch –

Pornos seen from balcony –

-no where to hide.


Neal at the wheel –

Lonesome angel

-go back in time.


Juxtaposing the heart: Are

you a sayer or are you sacred?

The junipers….

already know your name.


Immeasurable! Castrated.

No named. Being stoned

by heat. New light’s been

given; cling not.


One two three four. One two three four.

One two three four: when the #’s hit home:

Insufferable knowledge obtains dread

understanding; I must crush the stars.


“poor look now at the key

board is enough to make my

poor heart ache”


“here I am alive as any

other at five am, I my eternity”

“brilliant to pursue

drag down”


I know myself to be holy

light of vision! I will never

tell of You and Time.


he Was dreaming, as I am dreaming,

as the universe is dreaming: and that

dream is real; and that dream will be

redeemed. Cold tide know.


fool to speak. fool to know.

fool by very definition- fool

is he that speaks- ignoring





rollingodhamrarousestrangennuI s







ETERNITY: the stench

of crumpled currency

ETERNITY: a soft

pair of tits in you


ETERNITY: a little

flower underneath

you foot

FLAME: that which-is

eternal. that which- is


FLAME: a little

flower underneath

you foot.





essence is each

essence is a never

ending sentence


is! is… is! fuuu~

aint hills in the rain

aren’t! (wan Isms)

Henry Miller,

lend me your empty stomach

Anais Nin,



make love to the clock


rest now rest now

rest now


why not romance

the dawn

(squared poem

and tick tocked

the lively)

“but I have”


silent chambers of my voice



predawn Euphoric.

valium. scream. pimped. “i’ll come on

him and make him mine” “now I thee wed”

1984: let me tell you something. TEARS!

remonstrance. 100 ft tall no more!

“wove you”

hiding in the cellar

running in the woods

tearing in the pillow

waiting for the whippoorwills

to come. what good’s all this

now. to me. to anyone.

suicides a sweet reminder

that anything’s possible.

“couldn’t harm a fly,” he said

“how you gonna cut your wrist?”

“want to do it?”

“how transparent!”

“yes; but you don’t understand,

it’s already done. as well as

continuing. the rest is up to

angels, let us become.”

interior sketch:

beggin light with every twitch.

loving. six months deep

in decay. six months depth in

light. six months!? dove for four

backward- that original desire

predating birth. muscled, thin,

railed. self railed. all helled.

hell oh well is still Hell. all

is light; that is,

therein light.

speak soft,

learn what to remember.


a city where anything is possible.

a city decontrolling. relationships

everywhere decontrolling, bodies.

body. symphony. weakening.


don’t look back

when you get yor nex

chance boy; you’ll be

back in this room wif

this voice if’n you


but then


but then


sad sad mad glad

you’re a fraud, you’re a fake,

don know how to feel.

fuck you; and fuck me

for knowin.


you and you alone

idol tall &




Come, to better


I must…

when the clock

ticks, cry

I must…

let the power surge;

blow all fuses and laugh

in the fabulous light

at night

so bright

on a flight-

to here and back

HERE! where the blood

sleep, sizzles. HERE! were

nothing can be touched

with hands of real fools.

HERE! where nothing

matters except what-

is in starry night

this vision


visions aint this

visions aint that

visions cant stop

the rain; fission

cum wamin;

cold bowels

move slowly,

passing universal


of your speech of your blather

of your never-ending debacles

I have only known one, once,

from afar, as perfection.

and perfection aint perfect either

perfection is heartbreaking once

you see it. perfection in imperfect ness.

that is, OF>

slicing your veins and sending

shocks through your memory

the vial is soft

only one knows the vial

there are many

a series of vials to choose

from. one is the right one.

conclusion is an impossible

manner of predilection

maya is everyone

discovery is a chance


live for what you know;

and stop with these is’s ‘oy.


show me burnt corpses

show me dead children

I want to see them in your


on your floor

can you? can you look

back, retrace your steps

and condone what you

have done?

if you can, then i’ll

gladly dance over them

to get to your throat

or dance on out

we should have been

suffering inwardly long


for every soul


ecstatic for life

ecstatic for no reason


the rest is static


goddess, in your imperfection

I see art- in your perfection

I see light like I have never

seen in the sky.

strangely it is hard

to come to grip with.

obviously I was put

here to see this.

as well as die.

I want to be the devil

that can remember

these revelations



god, was not this

the same with you

and your son?

god, is truth sin?

ah, but I know the ego

is of the holy. and the

holy of your womb.

I want to pray to you,

I just want to pray to

you like the child I u s t

to be and remember that

I am still a child

(safe in the i-n-f-r-a-s-t-r-u-c-t-u-r-e

of your ego)


when I die, I will have

no need for these eyes.

they will have b e e n.

something will remain,

I will dance the wretched

dance, and

pay the price of time.

suffer the burden

of work. for now,

hot climates denied.

for n o w IS, opposite

to what I need.

I feel the fuses blowing

everywhere, soon there

will be something new

to complete this reality.

caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! caw!

your seminal winds. your plastic doldrums.

neck muscles strain to meet the challenge.

tongue. in. pussy.



sky. in. window.

sky. in.

sky. out. day in. day thruout.



thick honey;

& honey so thick,

you melt.


slaves in the field

pickin cotton –

America’s forgotten


step up, reply truthfully;

blessed be your wandering



blessed be your march


blessed be your home


blessed be your art


blessed be your students


blessed be your will

your way


blessed be your one handed

axe swing.


blessed be your blind love.

blessed even when I abhor

you for it.


blessed be your new found



you end with you

and I end with i

sitting here sober

but high


let me make love to your pages

to your words, so beautiful I faint

and come alive again wither ever

realizing it; faint so faint so





thought; and fair Emily,

where is she?

observing the butterflies,

there she is; when I observe

the butterfly, there she is.


lounging in expectations

of others, cool dress on your







body numb

body be numb”

small talk like a sweet candy

and a rose be dandy in yor


shooting star, where are you tonight?

shooting star, I am thinking about you.

something inside me breaks! now and

I stop now, knowing not how your feel;

or if this universe of mine, this verse,

is of no concern- to not only you

but anyone. then.


not under these stars.


zen fluidity weds



night weds

endlessly to streams

of thought whetting

appetites all around


rimbaud- what of him


“this inspiration proves that I was

dreaming.” oh yes, oh yes,

even you. a dreamer! frail!

radiant angel, your reality

is the only reality. there’s

a next dream (and the dream

was REAL); and in

between times, you’ve

creamed (certain




assuming the ecstasies

of a poet; then the certain death,

re summoning

those visions. that only you

could know! only you

could howl your love

and K NO W!


yourself against the

cold you know you

must now endure.

back to earth.

as ever

as ever


*firewall brandishes


I am bitter

I am stranded

they write it off

i’d like to give him

a backhand in


or a kiss;


how to connect

the dots, how


tears will do no good.

she won’t care nor he;

perhaps, it is only I that

knows what I mean.

they are blind.

they carry gifts.

they’ve put the wrong

heartbreaks in the wrong

order; loving them all

the more, I jump

the ledge &

these waters

are cold

by degrees of self


and the real saint,

will she be reduced

to tears in the end?

her bones crack

as she sleep

crack as I speak;

and I bleed, tho


nothing I can do

about that.

but rise from the

ash I will; and i’ll find

it hard to be bitter.

what irony is the life

within these bones-


always changing.

wood man’s last haiku:

ash scatters.

said i. haiku

is shapely.

“my axe blade.

that forest shade/

soft jade.”


so many thousand

of ways to say scatter

there never will be

an end.

oh so many words,

voices, chatter er, ladders,

soft in between’s and this’s,


soft underside of compassion

upside down or any way you like,

just words. they must end.

inspiration must die.

smoke vaporizes and leaves

a dry spell. a maple leaf.

a twig off a tree falls

on my chest as I

nap in the forest.

something to that.

to the ant scurrying


the little girl who

will one day be

a great dreamer.

and the boy a

ballerina. who knows?


balloons submerge

by force


you belong to the sea

I to the sun


expecting eternity

with all the strength

of all my colors

“Apr 23 2003, 01:07 PM”

exhaustive grace of



lacing up the

moon with your


narrow cat-like

slits, daylight

is recalled.

sparrow nests

in the clouds;

sound sleep –

pacing a dream.

“Apr 24 2003, 06:20 AM”

on your way

-know you are

w h I l I n w h I l I n

w h I l I n


luminescent- like


star shine, star be bright

star fall; window bend


unholy bent of


‘llowing runoff;

turning off the system,

with a flick of the fingers

ginger, turning up the flame

sprung and completed

competed with the broken

daffodils for room

birds, this



flit flits

hittin the wall


crazed bravely,

grieving the existence

of- not even a feeling,

not a feeling

butterflies swarm the air

blotting on the sun



then they are gone


we, here,

stand in our graves

with all this talk about

headaches, grief, thieves

in the night, and-

more of the same


we are swallowed under

wholly intact enacting

circus charades

here I am- see through. dreams destroy

dreams let the light in obliterating

any number of artifacts holy

or other

leaving jade-like ash ruin

to be groped and fought


counting out a single lifetime

in seconds. pulse beat steady.

necessary. unraveling un

be came

be nimble

and broke

down smoking

the last cigarette

in the corner


inanities at the wall

here and there,

heaven’s gate correlates

to his swallowed voice,

her sinister sister

purple robed

prowls; brown whiskey’d

veins; white flesh. faint

pink tint of cheek

heading out, and hitting

you up for one last

daydream while

surely winding

the sails.

sailor or a saint.

saccharine goodbying.

withered open withered closed

whit’d when came a rose

from out from under

burning up its immediate

surrounding, kindly.

and what of the chivalrous,

what of the stoned, what of

this one, zen koan’d; and the


bones permeating


from underneath

from inside

no Body allow this

but no un here


four to one

one second changes

the scene, and the scene

dissolving list fully



re sound

be quick,

reverberating mad.

got your last prophetic vision- first. sun.

first son.

panoramic bird’s eye view rambling on.

bird’s eye view in the sun, glaring laureates

of imageless number. kicking up crystalline

wineglasses while you can. told em your

soul and were burnt indifferently for the

fist thing, last. your lines just kept

getting longer and longer as your

headaches receded and the room

charms were all you had save your

name. you alone. you wineglass.

busting bubbles at the seams. pin point,

madding throbs, collective leaning.

sweat sacrifice. lazing in artificial

worlds, plucking up flowers, be

lazed forever and eternally

like an animal gleaming

in the sea-distance.

pithy. p-l-y.

invincible cities in the rain.

budding groves big and small.

shedding water with your fast


from the scenery which

evades meaning. moaning in

ivory throne gutted of hunger

and ready for rest.

buzz of servants like bees-

the structure enlarges sadistically.

honey gold, the saxophone dissolves

in flesh-e notes.

a cool rain now splashing in brings

me back and shows me the foolishness

of my attempt, shouldn’t have been

attempt anyway, wasn’t before.

what happened to me- but I feel

m e again.

-if- now, I could only say a

thousand sweet things a million times

over in the lowest of tone, in this my

lowest of time, heartfelt and loving,

that too wouldn’t cure what I’m

feeling tonight. as if I didn’t have

a right to feel. time is the web, I must

submit and break its back, must ease

back and feel the peace and believe

in the impossible silently, never

rushing to words to specify.

(rain whimpers like a blessed

symphony of hearts a-beat)

“Apr 25 2003, 06:14 AM”

The sun-

a fiery-orange

nipple incinerating


Priestess is fallen,

begging salvation


She doesn’t care

She’s passing her time

till the rest of us

pass off into


bright distance

Striking matches

with months agape

Actors in this, the continuous


teardrops in our clothe;

but eventually everything

gets left out in the rain.

and we rush to recover

blush to discover

a new day

on its way

or here already


on o u r way u-pup-UP

through heaven

praise Angels be soft

now, in that wan way

explaining sway


SWAY you will

and stay you may


trippin stone garden,

galloping footstep


Muddy indecision

like crazed sister

daylight overtaking

father Time

1,500 days and counting

1,500 dread moments unite

1,000 colors straight down

your gullet, drink ‘er hot

and gut your moans

impassioned & new


till then

till later when

you wake up,

stone blasted.

and breathing

choked, beg



so many ways to think-it

but only one way to shut

it out forever- his trodden

whiskey grunt, your

soft endowment

our strangled respects

mingling; bloom la

bloom, alas

room quicksands

pull at my consciousness

farewell for now

who know but that there’s

not fate and that that fate




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