How To Get Rid Of White Flower Weeds In Grass How to Instantly Transform Your Home With 10 Simple Secrets

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How to Instantly Transform Your Home With 10 Simple Secrets

As a professional organizer and home manager, I spend my time educating clients about clutter. I also create systems that allow them to maintain a neat and organized environment and share decorating and transformation tips. There are 10 things you can do to prepare your home for sale or just to enjoy it yourself. These tips are small efforts to create an overall more aesthetic look that ensures harmony, balance and organization.

1. A fresh coat of paint- The most effective thing you can do to change the look of a room is to use color. If you’ve been suffering in a stagnant home with the same color for 10 years or worse, if you’ve been living with off-white construction paint since you moved into your home, it’s time for a change! When choosing a color, ask yourself what colors make you feel calm, alive, happy, lively, etc. If you are getting ready to sell a house, it is always best to use neutral colors such as taupe, cappuccino, warm butter yellow, nothing rude -wall like lime green or bright orange. A nice layer of bright white can often add freshness to a bathroom or other space because it exudes cleanliness in a room full of color. It is relatively inexpensive and can be done at any time. Ask your friends for help and you’ll be done in no time. If you’re redecorating a room, it’s best to choose furniture and rugs/carpet/hardwood first, then paint color. It’s far easier to choose a color when you’re done, then try to match your furniture to the walls you’ve just painted.

2. Change the lighting- If your home has any form of fluorescent lighting, track lighting, or ugly bedroom lights, it’s time for a small investment. Pot lighting, floor lamps, table lamps and creating more natural light with a skylight are great options. A must have in every room is a light dimmer switch. Lighting can really set the mood, which is why candles are so popular, be sure to add a dimmer to make the most of your new lighting and room. Hang a fairly inexpensive chandelier above the bed or above the dining room table for a touch of elegance. You can find lots of great pieces at the Salvation Army as well as garage sales. Maybe you like the base of the lamp and not the shade, or vice versa. Invest in one part and replace the other. Symmetry is also important. Always try to look for sets of side table lamps in bedrooms and living rooms to maintain a sense of balance.

3. Cover your walls- If your walls are bare and there are no paintings, photos or art, now is the time to add some warmth and personality to the room by adding some pieces. The important thing here is to find items that you personally like. I love black and white photos of my family framed in a plain black frame, but I use them sparingly so my house doesn’t look like a museum. Find interesting mirrors, a world map framed for the office or beautiful floral prints of a single flower. If you have a collection of African masks gathering dust, put it on display. It’s also a great way to add color to a room. There is nothing worse than walking through a home with white walls, no wall pictures or photos and boring furniture. Add some personality! You can even make inexpensive window boxes which are frames with a deep box covered with glass to display items. I love children’s things like rattles, baby blocks for the nursery or shells for the bathroom or bedroom. The possibilities are endless. If you have a fireplace, I advise you to place something above it. A beautiful mirror can add a feeling of more space to a room, as well as an elegant touch.

4. Remove the clutter- This can be a small or large undertaking, depending on how much stuff you have. You can do it yourself in small increments or hire a professional to do it in a fraction of the time and show you tips and systems along the way. Decluttering not only gives you more physical space to walk and move around, but it will instantly make your home look bigger. This is great news if you are getting ready to move. What is a mess? Trinkets, trinkets, mail from 2 months ago, junk, items you or your children have outgrown. This will give you a greater sense of peace and less stress. It’s hard to work on anything in a cluttered room without feeling distracted or stressed about the extra things you know you have to do. Don’t just move things from one room to another. It will be there waiting for you later. I always get rid of clothes, unnecessary items and messy mail in my own home. I know we will move one day and it will be much easier if I do it in small chunks rather than being overwhelmed later.

5. Arranging decorative items- One thing you’ll notice about any showroom you tour is that the decorative items are substantial in size and well placed. This can also be achieved in your own home with a few simple steps. First, remove all small items and trinkets. Having a cabinet full of tiny figurines is not the way to do it. Make room for those items if you’re a collector instead of having trails all over the house. For example, use your living room as an example. The side tables can have a large potpourri dish on one with a small family frame and placemat and the other has two small hardcover books on top of each other for display and a 3 prong candle holder. Keep it simple! Your bedroom dressers should not be covered with receipts, tealights, keys, jewelry boxes, liner books, and potpourri bowls. Remove all small items and have no more than 2-3 items on any piece of furniture unless it is quite large. Another example is the master bathroom. Use one large accent shell on the counter and have 3 glass apothecary jars with sand and shells or cotton balls etc. Maybe one small vase with one bloom and a tissue box and soap dispenser. Using larger decorative items allows you and others to appreciate the items instead of getting lost in a collection of tiny spoons.

6. New floors make a big difference –Whether you realize it or not, there is a lot of walking on the floors. If you have carpet, linoleum or ceramic tiles, it may be time to replace them with a new covering of the same material or a completely new one. If you live in an older home, check to see if you have hardwood buried under the older carpet you have now. It may take some sanding and a new glossy finish, but hardwood adds a richness that carpet can’t. If you are replacing a rug, get a new one that wears well and keeps its shape. Additionally, you’ll want to invest in a nice thickness of padding. If you go the tile route, there are many options. There are peel and stick ceramic tiles that are similar, as well as the real thing and linoleum. Either way, a fresh new floor that looks clean and undamaged is far more attractive. Make sure to match the color to any furniture, cabinets, etc. to make sure everything fits together.

7. Crown molding provides wealth-Take a walk around your home right now and look at the moldings that are currently installed. Chances are you have a builder style. If you are happy with it and live in a newer house, keep it. If you’re looking at old baseboards that have been repainted several times, it’s time to replace them. You will then want to match your plinth to the new moldings. I love the classic white molding against a nice neutral colored wall. However, the possibilities are endless. In some cases, you may want to leave the mold completely unpainted, or use a slightly lighter shade to avoid the contrast of white on a light or dark color. It gives a rich and finished look that you will love and home buyers will notice and appreciate.

8. External structural appearance- It’s time to tackle the exterior of your home. Plus, the curb appeal is huge and you probably stop to and from home every day, and it might as well look great. Take a look at your porch, steps, and driveway and you’ll know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Look for rust, wear, cracked steps or driveway, or discoloration. It can be as simple as repaving a driveway or repairing loose or cracked stairs. Then look at the lighting, the symmetry of the lighting around the garage is great or one light in the middle. Also, no sticky red light street numbers. This is better for you and resale value. Check out the garage and front door along with the shutters. Is it time to paint? If you like the color and it matches the house, just repaint it. However, if the paint is peeling and faded and you hate the color, now is the time to paint them yourself or call in a professional. He changed his appearance dramatically. It’s best to stick to neutral colors, but black and red are also great. Make your house pop off the street!

9. I love my landscaping –Equally important for the structural appearance of the house is the overall landscaping. Remember the yard in this assessment. If there are weeds where grass should be and grass is growing through the dividers in your driveway, it’s time to get down to business. Likewise, if you notice that you have dying trees, plants and flowers in your garden, it’s time to replace them. Again, use symmetry as a guide for planning your lawn. I think two large urns with small trees or lots of flowers are great. Use them on both sides of the front door or on both sides of the garage door. Another tip is to remember multiples. It is good to buy four or five of the same trees, and then you can experiment with stones and flowers. Using a nice crushed stone in deep mahogany or wood chips is also great and easier on your mower. Don’t forget after investing in this project to keep the grass nicely trimmed and trimmed, as well as the bushes or shrubs for a nice finished look.

10. Investment room- If you’re moving and wondering which room will give you the most bang for your buck, or simply want to improve the look of your home and don’t know where to start, I’d start with the kitchen. When most people look at homes, their focus is ultimately on the entire home, but investments in kitchens and bathrooms seem to have the biggest impact on their minds. A beautiful range of cabinets with a marble worktop and high-end appliances and a sink faucet with a sink is a real crowd pleaser. Bathrooms do the same with spa-like tubs and a sanctuary feel. In our busy world, we want simple, fast, relaxing and pleasant. This would be my recommendation, but if you have an obvious room that needs help like the master bedroom, start there and work towards your budget.

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