Choose The Correct Pathway Of Information Flow In The Cell. Micahel Coleman Author of Keep Your God Waiting Is Interviewed

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Micahel Coleman Author of Keep Your God Waiting Is Interviewed

Author: Michael Coleman

ISBN: 1412073928:

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of is pleased to have as our guest, Michael Coleman, author of Keep Your God Waiting:

Good day Michael and thank you for participating in our interview.


How did you become interested in the exercise program you advocate in your book and how long have you been implementing it in your daily life?


Hi Norm, first let me say thanks for the opportunity to share some insights on over-40’s health with your readers. Some may find the disclosures a tad provocative but all I ask is that people approach what follows with an open mind.

How did I become interested in the program? Well, the program

originated as a plea of behalf of the human body. If you’ll bear with me I’ll try to explain…

We breathe, we run, we jump, we see, we hear, we laugh, we cry, we process information, we make decisions – in short, we can do all sorts of incredibly complex tasks that require awesome and exquisite intellectual and physical abilities on the body’s part. Yet, we take all this for granted. We have little or no recognition of the fact that the body holds all the knowledge and systems it needs to enable us to perform these tasks without any form of external intervention.

This is never more in evidence than when we become ill or feel the effects of aging. Enter modern medicine with practically its whole emphasis on intervention and its prime strategy of evasion based on laboratory drugs and medical technology. Before you switch off this is not a crusade against conventional medicine – that would be completely irresponsible and fail to recognize advances that have been made. In fact, there are circumstances when I would take advantage of some of these developments.

Having said that I believe modern medical practice is, by and large, an insult to the body’s innate intelligence In that sense the book and the programs it contains are a plea on behalf of the human body – a plea to recognize the awesome intelligence that we each have available to effect healing and maintain vibrant health and enjoy great sex for as long as we choose.

For me the first question was – How do we know the body can heal itself? I imagine most of us have, at some time or other, allowed an illness to run its course rather than resorting to a visit to the doctor. Certainly in that course of action it may take longer for the symptoms to subside but the illness is, more often than not, conquered. So what does that tell us?

It says that the body knows how to heal itself without intervention. It has called into play the immune systems defenses. It knows inherently how to organize and program very complex healing processes to perfection. In short, the body is much smarter than we are, much smarter too than any doctor.

When we start interfering, for example, by taking medical drugs the body sees these as poisons and has to direct some of its healing effort to dealing with the ‘invaders’ and that delays healing and may, in fact, give rise to other illnesses. In other words ‘curing’ one illness not only confuses the immune system but also can foster the development of another illness. Compare this outcome with the body’s natural approach using its immune system to deal with the invaders. That process gives the immune system a ‘workout’, has no negative side-effects and strengthens its defense should the invader try another attack in the future.

The next question was – Can we utilize the awesome healing power stored in the body? Yes, if we discover how to make sure the key survival systems in the body are functioning optimally and then basically leave it to take care of itself. And really that’s what “Keep Your God waiting” is about.

How long have I been using the program? The program has taken several years of personal exploration and experimentation to put together so in that sense I’ve been using it for quite a while. The program as presented in “Keep Your God Waiting” was ‘finalized’ about 12 months ago.


Why do you consider yourself to be a maverick with your unique exercise program?


The term ‘maverick’ conquers up notions of something different and that’s what you get. What I’m saying in the program is basically “open your mind, get your gear off” and explore and experiment with the power, potential and exquisite pleasure stored in your body. It’s an exciting journey of self-discovery that could not only transform your health and sex-life but also change the way you think about your life. Now that’s a big call, and it might not be everyone’s experience – but I for one didn’t intend to die wondering!


You use the term “sexual energy” in your book. What is your definition of sexual energy and how does it play an important role in our health?


Sexual energy is a bioelectric energy and goes by many names but I prefer to see it as sperm or ovarian energy – it’s the body’s life force – the power that gives the body vitality. It has its origins at conception and can either be preserved and circulated to benefit from its powerful healing properties or squandered with a consequent depletion in vitality and general deterioration in health. Unfortunately, most of us choose the latter path albeit largely out of ignorance.

Sexual energy can circulate around the body via channels or meridians – a term with which most people are familiar. Other bioelectric energy systems include the nervous system and charkas – all three systems are interrelated.

Here’s my pretty crude explanation of how I picture sexual energy effecting healing.

I’ll focus on the meridian pathways – these are a framework of connective tissue running throughout the body. As a layman the way I see it is that the sexual energy in the form of a bioelectric field flows through the meridian pathways and enters, for example, the organs and glands. Due to the movement of the molecules comprising an organ there is already an electromagnetic field in existence the strength of which, at any particular time, depends upon the relative health of the particular organ. If the organ is diseased the disease alters its natural frequency of vibration – and consequently its function impaired. When sexual energy enters that same organ it’s a bit like re-charging a battery and the organ’s natural frequency of vibration and hence its electromagnetic field are restored, so returning the organ to optimum functioning.

Just one final point – sexual energy is very powerful and should be treated as such – special techniques need to be learnt in order to circulate and use it safely – but these can be easily acquired and are described in the book.


You place a great emphasis in your book on strengthening the PC and anal muscles. What is the PC muscle and why do you believe that these muscles are important in increasing one’s life longevity and great sex?


First let me say that I didn’t intend to create the impression that the PC muscle had a significant role in sex and longevity -but I’ll come to that a bit later..

The PC (Pubococcygeus muscle) can best be described as the muscle we use when we wish to interrupt the flow of urine. It gained notoriety when Dr Kegel developed his series of exercises to strengthen the vagina to aid in childbirth – having more control over the vagina also enables women to squeeze the penis during intercourse and hence heighten sexual pleasure. The bonus for men in powering up their PC muscle lies in the fact that it can increase the strength and durations of erections – again heightening pleasure during intercourse. However, there is much more to great sex than the ability to squeeze a penis and enjoy strong erections. What we are concerned with in the program is the circulation and use of sexual energy for not just for sexual pleasure but also for healing, energizing and fostering creativity at any age and regardless of whether one is single or in a relationship.

The nature of your question suggests I might have created the impression that the PC muscle was of fundamental importance in ensuring health and longevity. If I did, then I should say now that in my view it plays a minor role. To put things in perspective, I’m concerned with three sets of muscles in the general pelvic region. These are the PC muscle, the Anal muscles and what I call the Lower Belly muscles. My aim is to be able to work, at will, each set independently of the others. This is because the relative contraction and release of the various sets is crucial in the circulation of healing sexual energy around the body. I consider the anal muscles to be the most important because of the critical role they can play in stimulating the flow of sexual energy. That said it is important to recognize that tension in the PC muscle can have an equally powerful negative effect on energy flow. Hence the need for complete control over these muscles as well as the lower belly group.


Why did you feel compelled to write this book? Why do I think the book is important at this time?


I have to say I didn’t feel particularly compelled to write the book. A couple of thoughts were predominant in my mind. Firstly, Hey, this stuff works! – I wonder if anyone else would be interested in discovering how to transform their health and sex-life. Second, and this is a bit more weighty and I don’t want to sound overly altruistic but I strongly believe everyone (providing they are prepared to make the effort) should have equal access to the knowledge they need to achieve vibrant health and enjoy sensational sex. In other words, good health and a great sex-life are not something for which you should have to pay or the preserve of a fortunate few.

Why do I think the book is important at this time? I have to say that when it comes to our health we’ve been brainwashed! I’ll have more to say on that later but for now I just make the point that we accept that ill-health and age-related disease are a normal part of living. Further, we believe that the only ways to health are through ‘pill-popping’, hormone injections, sex stimulants, cosmetic surgery, diets, gym workouts, endless jogging – in fact, a whole string of actions that are unnatural as far as the body is concerned and all designed to tackles symptoms and ignore causes. I’m not saying such strategies don’t have a place, in fact they seem to suit some people.

Nevertheless, the consequences of these beliefs are reflected in the burgeoning expenditure on sex pills, growth hormone injections, complex vitamin concoctions, spiraling healthcare costs and lengthy waiting lists of persons seeking expensive drug ‘treatments’ and hi-tech surgery and so on. It is paramount to recognize that existing practices have the potential to cause damage the body’s sophisticated mechanisms with, for example, one so-called ‘cure’ leading to the onset of another disease. We also need to recognize that the pursuit of expensive drug and technology ‘solutions’ cannot be sustained economically – governments simply can’t afford the costs.

I believe we are at a crossroads and we need to wake up. There are alternatives available that work in harmony with the body’s needs and desires, are completely natural and don’t cost a single cent. Are they the answer to everything – no, but they at least deserve to be the option of first choice when people think about healthcare.


How would you respond to potential readers who might be skeptical about the exercise program you are advocating?


My initial reaction would be to quote grandma “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. So, unless you have a medical condition that prevents you so doing, put the program to the test – learn to do the Basic 15-Minute Program. You’ll find it described in step-by-step detail in the book and I believe it to be the most powerful single exercise that one can do. If you feel the benefits of that single exercise then you may be encouraged to explore further.

However Norm, I think I owe it to your readers to explore the basis of the program in a bit more detail. Let me start by saying

I think I can understand where they’re coming from, after all we’ve been conditioned to believe and accept that ill-health and aging are a normal part of living when in fact, as far as the body is concerned, they are not. How do we know? Well, studies on cell division and DNA corruption associated with cell division strongly suggest the human body is designed to function for about 120 years. What does that mean for us? My interpretation is that if the research findings are valid then the body must already have in place all the knowledge and systems it needs to restore and maintain itself for a lifetime without interference. Of course, we manage to inflict (often quite knowingly, other times through ignorance) all sorts of abuse on our bodies with the result that… surprise, surprise… disease develops!

I got to thinking wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could use completely natural and harmonious means to tap into the bodies innate intelligence (by the way the intelligence stored in human cells is absolutely awesome, far above anything we can possibly imagine – lets just say it makes Einstein look like a dunce!) and use it to rejuvenate and maintain our health and sex-life. And that’s what the program does.


Why do you feel that masturbation is important in achieving good health?


Oh dear, I don’t know about you but the word ‘masturbation’ seems so lonely – as though it hasn’t got a friend in the world. I wonder why. I might best start by musing that when many people see the word there is an immediate feeling that “I don’t want to be associated with that” – as though somehow it’s unclean and not the sort of thing that nice people do.

People forget that masturbation or self-pleasuring (now doesn’t that sound better) is a perfectly natural activity and in fact one in which we all engaged to our great pleasure and delight when we were very young. Later in life we become conditioned to see it as undesirable, perhaps because as its association with male and female ejaculation and the perception that one would go “deaf and blind” as a consequence.

Well, I have to admit to be a great fan of masturbation. It is true that masturbation incorrectly performed can cause deterioration in health. On the other hand (excuse the dreadful pun), masturbation can be a powerful healing, highly energizing and creative experience. Why? Because correctly done masturbation greatly boosts the flow of sexual energy around the body and, in particular, to vital organs and glands (glands are a special type of organ so I use the terms separately) the good health of which your energy, vitality and sex-life depend. In the book, I provide step-by-step details on how to take advantage of the huge healing potential masturbation offers.


You state in the conclusion of your book that in order to improve our health we have to satisfy the subconscious mind. Please explain why you feel this way.


For me, the remarkable things about body are firstly, the fact that under ideal conditions it knows how to restore and maintain itself for about 120 years (this limit is set by the number of times a cell can subdivide) and second, that each cell in the body is replaced (through a process of cell division) during a period of about seven years. So we have to ask the question – if the body knows exactly how to look after itself and we routinely get ‘new’ body parts, why do we experience ill-health and aging? In other words, why don’t we get ‘new’ health too?

In an attempt to answer this question I want to look at two factors. The first concerns the physical aspect and the second the mental aspect. At the physical level if we abuse our body cells their performance is compromised and when the cells subdivide that compromise is transmitted to the next generation and so on. Also there is largely unavoidable corruption of the DNA at each subdivision – so you can appreciate we really need to look after our cells in order to live a long and healthy life.

More important in the context of the question is what is going on at the mental level. I don’t think there’s any doubt that many of us have unwittingly turned off our good health ‘switch’. We have been conditioned (albeit unintentionally) by healthcare product marketers and health authorities to accept ill-health and aging as normal. This acceptance is further reinforced by our friends and relations becoming ill and/or departing this world and by our own attitude to health care. In effect, we have programmed our subconscious mind to believe and accept the fact that illness and aging are inevitable. – when as far as the body is concerned they are most definitely not.

What does this mean? It means that whatever we try at the conscious level to improve our health the subconscious will be nagging away with the same old message ” it won’t work, it won’t work” or something like that. I believe this is why most diets fail and why simple affirmations and positive thinking struggle to make any lasting change.

We need to reprogram the subconscious mind to accept the fact that we can enjoy vibrant health and great sex for as long as we choose. This can be done by consistently providing the subconscious with positive experiences based on action and reward. In others words our approach must be one of action and movement, not simply contemplation and secondly it must produce undeniable rewards. This approach is the foundation of the programs in “Keep Your God Waiting”.


What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?


The book was several years of experimentation and personal exploration in the making but was very easy to write. Apart from spending time getting the structure of the book user-friendly it was really just a question of writing down what I do. It was just a matter of documenting stuff that I knew intimately and targeting it to a market I not only understood but also was part of.

I have to admit that my main obstacle was working with the word-processing package, in particular trying to line up the paragraphs and get the numbering correct – I just don’t like being told what to do my a machine. How did I overcome this obstacle – with much cursing and swearing!

I say this ‘tongue-in-cheek ‘ but one of the major challenges of writing a book on health – is not getting sick – otherwise it’s a bit like going to a dentist who has false teeth.


What has your experience been like with self publishing?


I guess I’d make the point that. with no more than about five manuscripts in a 1000 being picked up by conventional publishers, self-publishing using a POD (Print-On-Demand) house at least gets the book in print and, generally speaking, production costs are quite reasonable. There are other advantages like higher royalties and retaining copyright. I don’t want to say much as I’m really still in the middle part of the whole process. However, there is no doubt in my mind that writing a book and getting it in to print is the easy part, it’s the marketing that’s difficult. This is where you need to use a publisher that has an impressive information distribution network. Not that that in itself helps you directly sell your book, but at least people in the book industry know it exists – you’ve still got the marketing slog


What are your hopes for this book?


That it outsells the Da Vinci Code!

The book is really about saying to people “Hey, folks wake up” -there is another way to lifetime good health and great sex – and it’s free!

If the book does nothing more than opens peoples’ eyes to the fact that they can, if they choose, take control of their health (and their life) I feel it will have made an important contribution.

If it became the program of choice for the over-40’s then perhaps the world would be awash with happy, vital and sexy people – and wouldn’t that be nice!


Is there anything else you wish to add that we have not covered and what is next for Michael Coleman?


Simply to say to the over-40’s that far from resigning themselves to the inevitability of sexual decline and aging they should be cranking up their sex-life. It’s not the time for sipping lattes, drinking red and white, reading newspapers and taking overseas trips – instead travel to the bedroom and discover the exquisite power, potential and pleasure of their body. It’s an unforgettable journey of self-discovery – I mean, do you really want to die wondering!

Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

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