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Fishing Season: Spring. What Do We Need?

Early spring. I consider this period the most difficult for searching and catching fish. On the big rivers, the ice has already subsided, but the water is quite cold, due to the melting of snow and ice in the bays and the introduction of “sharp” water into the beds. The fish is currently inactive.

It is not difficult to determine this period. The snow has already fallen, but nature hasn’t woken up yet. The rivers have a dull gray appearance, and the banks studded with bare branches of bushes and trees do not instill optimism in the first fishermen who are already sitting near the spring water.

But is everything so hopeless? No, you can fish at this time. Let us define together those terms that at this moment will not let you go home without a catch.

I will tell you on the example of the river by which I live and most often fish. I will clarify all the necessary nuances.

Choose a fishing spot

The floodplain of my river is such that on the left, shallower and shallower bank, aquatic vegetation is located at a distance of 12-15 meters from the water’s edge. Depth at such a distance is insignificant. The right bank is steeper and thickets of aquatic vegetation begin at 3-5 meters. It’s much deeper here. Which coast to choose?

It should be remembered that during periods of increased solar activity, water is stratified by temperature. Warmer water is found in the shallow bays of the northern coast. Therefore, the left bank is preferable, which is shallower and therefore warmer, with aquatic vegetation away from the water’s edge at shallow depths, which also creates a sense of security for the fish (given the transparency of the water). If you add to the above the presence of warm sewage on the site, then this will most likely be the place that you should pay attention to first of all. Although, of course, this is just a general discussion. So to speak, a guide to action. I think that practically all anglers in their regions know well the places where the season is best year after year. Don’t philosophize, rape them first!

Way of fishing

Feeder, I believe, is the same accessory that will not allow early spring to leave the river empty. And here it is appropriate to say a few words about the minimum required equipment. And in the feeder, above all, there is a stick that has certain qualities. I personally use the “Pride” stick from TM “Flagman”. This durable 3.6 meter long feeder allows you to drop feeders weighing up to 125 grams. The rod is light and reliable, equipped with three variable tips and different stiffness, and meets all fishing conditions – from stagnant water to strong current, and provides excellent visual control. After all, the process of catching involves the need to monitor the most delicate “early spring” bites of inactive fish. Knowing that not everyone can afford such a luxury as a branded feeder rod, I want to say that you can catch any cheap rod for spinning or fishing.

Since we are fishing in shallow water close to shore, a monolayer with a breaking load of three kilograms (I use a 0.17 diameter Salmo Evolution) is quite suitable. You don’t need to put it thicker. With the help of this line, I made long enough casts and took out solid fish for “loading” from the eighty-gram feeder, without using any shock-leader! For those who can afford it, try to grab a leash. Now I switched to “Fireline” from Berkley and I can say that for catching feeders in some cases this is the best option. Braids are strong and strong, and at the same time thin, and most importantly, they have a quality that is extremely important for this kind of hunting – they are super sensitive!

Feeder hooks

I use hooks Gamakatsu no. 16 of the F-21 series. Very thin, strong, allows holding large fish. In addition, they are perfectly suited for attaching bloodworms, which is the number one bait in the described period.


Open type. I use the type of feeder whose lower part consists of two lead “skis”, interconnected by a wire mesh. The upper part is a cylindrical grid. When lifting this feeder from the bottom, the lead “skis” act as underwater wings, and the net between them acts as a stabilizer, so the feeder can be easily detached from the bottom and delivered to the shore. The trough is connected to the main line. Above a distance of 10-12 cm, knit a loop, in which way “loop in a loop” fasten the string. The use of side branches or triple swivels is considered unjustified in clear water.

Note: for a more practical definition of schools of fish, I recommend using a fishfinder that will greatly speed up your fishing process. Read more: how to read fishfinder

Jump for the feeder

A special topic for discussion. In the period of clear water, I mainly use fluorocarbon. I wouldn’t call the material itself transparent, but it becomes almost invisible in water. For the strings I use the Vanish transition from Berkley. The diameter is not so important because of the invisibility of this line. When fishing with a line, I use leashes with a diameter of 0.18 mm and a breaking capacity of 2.9 kg. A line of this diameter is less confused and entangled by the flow of water. Hook one!

The length of the cord is 50-80 cm. The stronger the current, the longer the leash should be. I put a ball weighing 0.3-0.5 g on the string, which can be moved. For what I will explain below.

Feeder bait

Considering that during the ten March days I spent on the river with the feeder, I did not see a bite of worms, worms, etc. – my only bait during this period is bloodworm in its pure form, without any sandwiches.

First, we put a small ball of white foam plastic on the hook, then two or three bloodworms, attaching them with rings (that is, we pierce the body under the head and on the tail). I hide the sting in the tail of the last bloodworm. A foam ball on the hook raises the nozzle hook in stagnant water to a height that is limited to the ball on the line and allows it to catch different layers of water. In the current, the ball limits the free swing of the leash.

I can’t say anything concrete why styrofoam attracts fish so much. I know one thing: the crimson bloodfish on the white background of the ball becomes such a bright target that neither roach nor chub repels in the spring (these fish are often the main weight in my catch). In addition, playing a certain depth of bait on an invisible line does not leave indifferent any fish, which sees the bait from a fairly long distance. The way the nozzle is packed is dictated by the presence of a large amount of fry, which with the traditional method of baiting this delicate bait pulls the tail of the larvae, causing the tip of the feeder to register false bites. This leads to unreasonably raising tackle from the bottom and reducing net fishing

“Feeding for the feeder”

As a basis, I use winter bait with betaine, which works well in our region. The composition is as follows:

1) The basis is 500 g;

2) Milk powder – 1/2 cup;

3) Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon;

4) Cocoa – 1 tablespoon;

5) Ground food for dogs with the smell of liver – 1 glass;

6) As a binder – ground oatmeal;

7) Ripper is sand, in case you are too ground and overdo it with water.

Important note: about the consistency of the composition: the bait should be washed out of the trough during the first ten minutes. To determine the interval of “releasing” the feeder from the feed mixture after the first cast, I lift the feeder up after 3-4 minutes, regardless of whether there was a bite or not. According to the condition and amount of remaining bait in the bird feeder, you can determine whether the composition is loose enough or vice versa, and add a ripper or binder to it. Using the popular “bread + macula” type in cold water does not give any decent results, especially when the consistency resembles window putty.

Now that we are ready to fish, all we have to do is discard the tackle accordingly and come to the same chosen spot. Now it is not difficult, because long casts are not necessary. If you do not believe your eyes, use an additional rod equipped with a marker. Once you place it on the surface of the water, you will always have a reliable landmark… Using these simple techniques and equipment will allow you to honorably exit the unspoken competition with fellow fishermen who surround themselves with a palisade of common donkeys. You will only have one feeder! That’s why, having nothing against ordinary spinning donks, I prefer more delicate accessories.

Try it, you might like it!

So, based on the above, the spring-loaded feeder set looks like this:

– heavy class rod, with dough within 125-150 gr;

– coil EU 3500-4000 from “Line Winder”;

– spinning line with a breaking capacity of 7 kg, circular section or special line for feeder fishing of the “Albacore” type or similar, with a diameter of 0.17-0.12 mm.

I wish the whole “brotherhood” good luck in the new fishing season!

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