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Things to Remember About Prayer – Lesson VI

If two agree in anything they ask, the Father will do what they ask. The common unity that every believer has with the Father also brings unity with other believers. Jesus so often gave us the example of praying ‘Our Father’. The fact that we are all children of the same Father makes us a close family. Also remember that all believers are members of Christ’s body, the church. We depend on each other, our calling is togetherness and cooperation in order to manifest the Power of the Holy Spirit as much as possible.

It started on All Souls Day, with 120 believers. It is essential to agree, in spirit and in truth, determined and in accordance with God’s will. We must also trust that His promise is sure – His answer is just as sure.

The absolute necessity of meeting in the Name of Jesus recognizes that only in Him and through Him do we have any right to call God our Heavenly Father. Jesus said that to meet in His Name is to have yourself in the middle. The value of His Name is above every other name that can be named, both on earth and in heaven, both now and forever. What He has already done for us should give us an understanding of His love for us, and then what He is ready and willing to do for us together even now.

And then the promise – no ifs, ands or buts – “My Father will be to them.” Unity in the Spirit in the power of the Name and Presence of Jesus, makes the answer more certain. When there is a prayer like this, the proof is in the fruit, the reception. We need to grow in prayer, because we expect an answer. God is able; we must agree that what we ask for will be given. Every meeting should be at the center of prayer – the greatest strength and service of every Church must be in prayer.

Paul considers it essential for the success of his ministry that others pray for him and for each other. In many of his letters, he asks for prayer and expects that their prayers will bless his service in spreading the Gospel, through great hardships and troubles.

Every Church should be devoted to fervent prayer for the power to spread the Word, to bless those who serve God. Also pray for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in comforting, strengthening and equipping the weakest believer. We need to build each other up, encourage each other, and all for the glory of God. We should participate in prayer life, both alone and in community. This is what brings about the answer to prayer as Jesus promised.

The unity of one faith and the love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit guarantee the presence of Jesus in the middle. Then when we touch one thing we pray together, it guarantees the Father’s answer. We must continue to pray that this spiritual unity will be effective and have power from God. All this for the promotion of His kingdom, for His glory and the glory of our Savior, in whose Name we must always pray. Amen.

Persistent prayer
Luke 18:1-8 – Parable of the widow and the judge

“1 And he told them a parable for this purpose, that people should always pray and not faint;
2 saying: There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God nor regard man.
3 There was a widow in that city; and she approached him, saying: Take revenge on my adversary.
4 For a while he did not want to, but later he said to himself: Although I do not fear God nor look at people;
5 But because this widow torments me, I will avenge her so that she does not tire me with her constant coming.
6 And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge is saying.
7 And will God not avenge his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night, if it becomes difficult with them?
8 I tell you that he will avenge them quickly. But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Pray without ceasing – always praying and never giving up. Once a stand is taken on God’s Word and in Jesus’ Name, delay should not be discouraging. Prayer of this kind has power and cannot be resisted.

As the rain collects in the stream, and the stream rises and falls in greater force, then it breaks through and finds the sea. As the farmer prepares the soil and plants the seeds, and fertilizes, and the rains come, all in preparation for the final harvest.

We cannot see the working of the Spirit, the melting of the heart, the preparation that is necessary to bring the fruit of salvation to anyone. Nor can we measure the time involved. Therefore, we must pray with perseverance and stand on the Word and Power of the Living Creator of the Universe.

We must hold ourselves in quiet patience and joyful confidence. God’s timing is always perfect. Although it seems so long to us in our impatience, yet when the answer comes, it seems to come ‘quickly’. Nevertheless, the farmer has long patience that the fullness of time is absolutely necessary for the maturity of the crop. Don’t we always grow and mature spiritually in the same way?

The times and seasons are in God’s hands. We are just like that in His process of growth and bearing fruit. As we grow, we get more and more responsibilities, but also privileges. At the right time, God is ready to bless us in answered prayer. We must exercise patience in God’s timing and faith in God’s sure answer.

We hold the answer as part of the promise, which is in God’s Word – in spirit and truth. We must look forward to his arrival, even before he arrives. We must praise Him for His safety.

It is precisely this kind of prayer that creates the maturity of believers, a closer union with the Lord and an awareness of the blessing of that permanent communion in the Spirit full of love. We know that the Father’s love wants to bless his children, but for what is best for them and at what time. This is where our trust in His infinite wisdom comes into play. We must not be tempted to give up, give in, or give in. It is possible that the delay is God’s way of asking us to spend more time with Him, to open our hearts to His fellowship, to see His love and longsuffering towards us so that we can grow in faith and trust in Him for every part of our lives.

Each prayer develops a fruit – a leaf, a bud, a flower, the beginning of a green fruit, its growth and ripening until the perfect time when it is harvested. We are God’s trees to bear the fruits of the Spirit, or God’s vines to dwell in Christ and participate in His life and bear this fruit for salvation and reach out to others. As we become more His, so He becomes more ours.

When we become aware of the obstacles to this growing and increasingly intense relationship, we must push them aside and reject them. The more time we spend staying in Christ, the more He gives us of His life: faith, strength, peace and love. Let us continue to learn from Him. What He offers is beyond what we in our limited understanding can even imagine.
Word and prayer are our teachers. The amount we can learn and grow has no limits or boundaries. Our goal is before us, and so is our Master and Savior, Jesus himself. To be more like Him is also the Father’s desire for us. Let’s persevere and pray that this time will be the most important that can happen in this life. Glory to God for His Son, His grace, mercy, forgiveness, His infinite love and patience for us as His children.

Let’s continue to pray for the strength of the Church and its ministry in the face of the indifference and intolerance of the world. Pray for a strong movement of the Holy Spirit among the churches, that the believers will be revived to the promise of His coming, that the unbelievers will be converted and that all His people will unite in persistent prayer for all these things, for eternal glory. God and His Beloved Son.

Let Christ’s life and death always be before us as a perfect example of God’s love and our goal. We need to learn to love as He loved, to give as He gave, and to pray to the Father for strength for the task and perseverance to continue in the Spirit. We must remember that the answer is as certain as any other promise that God has made and fulfilled.
Let us be patient as we grow and mature and wait for the harvest in God’s time. Help us not to get tired, but to grow stronger in faith and trust in the Father’s perfect timing. May our hearts be aware of how important prayer is for our growth and bearing fruit. It is our source, like the sun and the rain. The more we receive, the more we grow and mature. It is always available to us without measure or limitation. So, persistence is always beneficial to us.

In fact, the greatest benefit of prayer is fellowship and communication with our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son. Where is our time better spent? Always pray and don’t get tired, because that’s how blessings flow to us. Amen.

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