A River Or Stream That Flows Into A Larger River Second Sun, Civil War, Asylums Riot, and So Much More

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Second Sun, Civil War, Asylums Riot, and So Much More

Our main story is the appearance of a second sun in the sky above the planet Hellifno. This sun is smaller, closer to the planet and reddish in color. Although it does not give off a large amount of heat, it casts a strong reddish glow on the land wherever it shines. It also caused night time to be reduced to only 3 hours per day. When the first sun sets, the second continues to shine, casting the earth in a crimson hue just bright enough to see.

This has been a wild and crazy summer for the Hellifna sky. First, the world was subjected to a two-week period in which the sun was completely extinguished by the malevolent power of the Winter Queen, followed by a period of intense heat that withered crops, dried up lakes and streams, and began to melt the polar ice caps. Now another conspiracy of fairies has prompted the creation of a second sun. While we don’t know the purpose of this celestial body, we do know that it was first formed at the end of the Dream Tower mission involving Raelin’s Wolvarian Aero. More on that story later in the Chronicle.

As time passes, the sun actually seems to absorb some of the excess summer heat that was created after the death of the Winter Queen. This was shown in a direct correlation between the drop in temperature on the planet’s surface and the size of the crimson sun.

Black Ooze River

A river of black stinking sludge formed on the surface of the planet Hellifno, starting in the middle of the northeast corner of the northern continent in the forest east of the Blue Moon Tavern and flowing for several miles winding through forests and meadows.

Rumors abound as to the origin of this river, though inside faerie sources claim that the Overlord of the Summer Court, Oberon, witnessed its creation. These sources claim that he was out destroying some of the vegetation in Hellifn – possibly some of the plants that grew from the seeds that Echo had given to help restore our world’s forests – when creatures made entirely of flame appeared out of nowhere.

The story goes on to say that these creatures sing in a language that even the fire lord did not understand. A few moments later, the ground began to tear, and black noxious sludge erupted from under the ground. This sludge burned the earth, destroying everything in its path, creating a river a hundred feet wide that stretched for many miles.

That stream of darkness flows directly into the pit located on the site of the former Blue Moon tavern. This place was originally excavated by the Slayers during their occupation, and has since become a place of horror and revulsion, with howling, screaming sounds coming from the ground, and a sense of wrongness and filth in the very air.

Readers are warned to stay away from this river of sludge as it is highly harmful and toxic, destroying wildlife and vegetation in every area it flows through. Several small villages have already been directed to relocate due to the presence of this new destroyed system on the planet.

Riot in the asylums, madness in the streets

The insanity problem is getting worse and worse. Now asylum seekers all over the planet began to rebel. The guards are killed and the prisoners turn into roving mobs that attack villages and towns, killing the inhabitants in the most gruesome ways possible.

With these safe facilities falling into the hands of their patients, there is less and less room to safely lock away those who continue to fall victim to faerie madness. This led to warehouses, barns, and even caves being turned into makeshift hospitals, with patients bound with anti-magic handcuffs to prevent them from using their powers.

Meanwhile, the countryside is even more dangerous, as escapees from rebel asylums traverse the country in search of victims for their insanely violent needs. Occasionally, these groups clash with the wandering groups of fairy monsters that patrol the land, sometimes leading to conflict and battles, but sometimes to alliances between these groups of infernal wanderers.

As always, all citizens are invited to stay at home, in safe locations guarded by the Hellifna army. If someone you know begins to show signs of fairy madness, they should be watched very carefully and immediately restrained if their behavior becomes severe.

Kalina and children

During the last two weeks, incidents surrounding the popular Blue Moon Tavern and neighboring villages have arisen involving disturbing images or sounds of children. Sounds of children singing old nursery rhymes, images of them marching in a line that stretches around the world seem to be the most common. Most disturbingly, cases of missing children are skyrocketing, suggesting it may not just be pictures.

The bodies of boys and girls appeared in the most gruesome ways. Decapitated heads thrown out of windows, babies wrapped in diapers covered in bugs, even impaled figures placed on both sides of popular roads. Those who retain their facial features are said to have wide, gaping smiles that indicate the insanity sweeping the planet.

Also common in these sightings, the being has been spotted among parading children and even seen participating in grotesque mutilations of living children between the stages of infancy and puberty. Those who know about the being spread the word that it has a name: Kalina. The identity and reason for the activity are not yet certain.

Silverhide Civil War

A war broke out within a larger universal conflict caused by the Fairies. The vaunted warrior clan known as the Silverhides face an internal struggle to decide the fate of the leadership of this proud nation.

A conflict has broken out between Jared Silverhide, the duly installed leader of the Silverhide pack, and Targore Silverhide, who claims that Jared is no longer fit to rule over their people. Targore cites Jared’s commitment to the war effort against the fae as detrimental to his ability to lead. He also claims that the fae madness inflicted on Jared by the Anthropophage made him too dangerous and unstable to care for the pack.

The conflict has led to violent battles where brother fights brother in brutal confrontations. Silverbones are dying every day, and the war is getting worse with time. However, a new hope appeared.

The prophecy states that if an Alpha male fathers a child with a pureblood vampire, the offspring will one day grow up to bring lasting peace to the Silverskin. To ensure this prophecy was fulfilled, Jared impregnated two different vampire pureblood women, Amaranta St. Clair and Girlycard.

Offspring were born at a surprising rate and grew just as rapidly and astonishingly. The name of the child born by Amaranta is Daegon, and the one conceived with Girlycard is called Jespar. Now the problem seems to be that with two different people born to fulfill the prophecy, who will actually unite the clan? Could this lead to another civil war in the future? Only time will tell.

Dream of Raelin

Another surreal incident occurred in the Tower of Dreams, leading to the destruction of another of the faerie Towers of Madness. The focus of this event was Raelin’s Wolvarian Aero.

As always, the surreal event began at the Blue Moon Tavern, in the early evening while the guests were just settling in for drinks. Suddenly, visitors started coughing, wheezing and showing other signs of illness. It happened very suddenly, and was accompanied by a surreal feeling of strangeness and the sounds of flames crackling in the air. The disease progressed very quickly until every visitor in the bar had the feeling that they were actually dying of the plague.

However, they woke up perfectly fine moments later in what seemed like the Abyss. Rae was missing at this point. Then a horde of demons converged on the heroes, striking back at them, and then finally gathered to create a massive spectacle of Abyss Lord Farzik. Led by a figure that looked like Rae’s friend Aiden, the heroes were directed to climb a tree. However, a few moments later there was a sensation of falling and together they collapsed into a huge pile of feathers.

At this moment, they found themselves present at an ancient Niksar ceremony. A figure of Rae was there, and she and another member of her race were fighting. At the end of the battle she died, there was an explosion and everyone felt like they died. A few moments later, however, they found themselves on the edge of the realm of the impossible. Here the real Raelin appeared, standing in front of the accompanying Tower of Insanity.

The heroes then had to fight Rae in single combat. Everyone present swung at her, but the main heroes who brought her to her death were Daloki, Aleksey and Bloody Rose. As she died, the Tower fell and they were streaked through a hazy mix of surreal images that eventually led them back to the Tavern.

Here, Raelin was alive, but she was spewing a huge amount of flames from her body into the air. It was the excess heat of the Summer Fury that Elexin had given her. Ironically, this excess heat was slowly killing the Nyxarian warrior. Now it was rapidly ejecting itself from her body, shooting into the air where it formed the second sun that sits above the clouds to this day.

After the fire was expelled from her body, Rae began to rage violently, acting completely paranoid and out of control. After she violently attacked several people present, Daloki handed her over to a local asylum where she could be restrained and cared for.

There is one interesting note to be made about this story. Researchers began to notice that as each of the Towers of Madness fell, others seemed to grow taller and wider. The strange surreal effects that appear around these structures also seem to become more dangerous and widespread with each dream mission. No one has yet offered an explanation for this phenomenon.

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