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Dream What You Want To Dream, Go Where You Want To Go

hey But where?! Where exactly do you want to go? And where do you want to be? These questions are interchangeable as they both ask about the direction in which you are moving. On a micro level, most of you know roughly where you are going.

Your direction in life probably looks like this:

You were born…

You went to school… to study history, language, science, etc.

You had dreams…

You left school and started working…

You might have achieved some of your goals like getting a car, the latest gadget…

What then? You are looking forward to buying a house.

Day after day you go to work waiting for the next paycheck to buy more stuff…

Some of you are happy in this country…

But most of you feel that something is missing in your life. Life can be better than this. Life should be better. However, you somehow got lost along the way.

You believe that you can improve and become better. And you can! The first step is to start understanding yourself!

There’s that part in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice comes to a fork in the road and sees a Cheshire cat in a tree. “Which road should I take?” she asked. “Where do you want to go?” was his reply. “I don’t know,” Alice replied. “Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.

On a macro level, many people do not know where they are going. What the Cheshire Cat said was true. It doesn’t matter which road you take if you have no idea where you want to be because any road you take will get you there. The only problem is that the destination may not be where you want to be. Worse, you might be circling around and landing in the same old spot.

Most of you are probably in your comfort zone right now and letting things go while the checks are still rolling in and everything looks fine. It’s only when some drastic event happens that you start desperately making changes. At this point you have no idea what your needs are or what you want to change into?! You are in a panic and have no time to think or properly plan things. In this case, you’ll likely be making changes through trial and error with more errors than you care to know. It causes anger and fear! It is painful to go through such a change.

You know what? You don’t have to go through this painful experience at all. You don’t need to feel uncertainty, ANGER and FEAR every time you make a mistake. JUST START NOW! Now is the best time to find your direction and start making small changes that will lead you to your dream, where you have enough time to adjust and work WITHOUT FEAR AND ANGER. Your dream will become a reality with your correct action.

To do this, you must first know your thoughts by understanding yourself. Your thoughts lead to your action, and action will create the result.

Here’s why most of you are at a crossroads or stuck and not sure where you’re going or what to do… Quickly note which category you fall into.

  1. You have the same old thoughts that prompt you to take action that produces the same old result. You usually don’t get it!
  2. You have too many thoughts that lead to too many actions that produce little or no results. You are the type who enjoys the action more than the result!
  3. You have too many thoughts that make you constantly change your actions, so it gets you nowhere. Do you know that you are unstable and easily influenced by external forces?
  4. You keep thinking without any action. You are probably blocked because of too much information.
  5. You have very few thoughts, but many unfathomable reasons for your failure. You are a lazy type and have a very pessimistic mindset. You haven’t realized your inherent negativity either. This type of people is the most difficult to change.

You may say, “I am not one of the above”. Let me tell you this, if you’re feeling unsatisfied or unsatisfied in anyway, then something is definitely wrong. By KNOWING YOURSELF, you can recognize the problem whether it comes from you or from your environment.

If you have already set your goal and know where you are going, congratulations! However, may I ask, do you know the easiest way to achieve your goal? Sometimes you have to not only look at where you want to go, but also find the easiest and closest way, and head in that direction.

Therefore, it is important to take some time to understand yourself, your needs and desires. Discover your natural talent and set a direction for where you want to be in life.

The Great Wall of China was not built in a day. The same goes for everything you do. It takes time and your conscious effort to make changes in your life and make your way to success.

The simplest way to understand yourself is through BaZi analysis. Your Day Master of your BaZi already fills in a lot of information about you, and this is only the first layer of your characters:

Wood Day Master

The wood element can be categorized into yang, Jia wood, and yin, Yi wood. Jia Wood is like the tall trees of the Amazon forest.

At first glance, Jia Wood people are very social and friendly towards all Jia Wood brothers. But they are actually loners and very territorial. They have a direct, honest and sincere personality, which is a virtue that many will not appreciate. He will call them by their real name, and no other way. Therefore, their words can often come across as harsh and without diplomacy.

A Jia Wood person will soon fall when he becomes too successful like a tall tree that is cut down for another use. Being at the head of a corporate company or any organization as the first man is really a bad sign for them.

Yi Wood is like flowers, creepers and small plants. They look gentle and delicate, but while the trees are falling after the storm, Yi Wood will still be there the next morning.

Similar to a creeper, Yi Wood is a social climber. Their main talent is networking. Because of their social and diplomatic nature, they are very good at public relations. Like creeper or common grass, they will survive any storm that comes their way.

Yi Wood is never firm in their decision due to their fickle nature. Therefore, they can appear as people who lack principal. However, this very nature saves them from many dangers. They are the masters of “Damsel in Distress”. Only they will know their truly bad spots in life.

And Yi Wood has a more far-reaching career than Jia Wood in climbing the corporate ladder.

Fireman’s day master

Your day teacher says a lot about yourself. It represents your core and can review your likes and dislikes. By realizing that you are the element of your daily lord, you can understand how you behave and react in such a way under the influence of external and internal forces around you.

The element of fire can be categorized into yang, Bing Fire, and yin, Ding Fire. Bing Fire represents the one and only sun. It has the ability not only to shine in every corner of the earth, but also to bring light to other planets in this solar system.

As such you know that Bing Fire people are naturally generous and giving. They radiate warmth, happiness and are always energetic. Their laughter is almost contagious to the people around them. Although friendly, Bing Fire people are also loners.

If you meet a Bing Fire person who behaves the opposite of this cheerful nature, you will know that they are facing a difficult period in their life.

Ding Fire represents the light of a candle. It has a very illuminating nature and the candle brings light by lighting other candles one at a time.

Therefore, Ding Fire people are useful in nature. They are the caretaker. They have a gentle persuasive way of getting their message across. They work better in a group compared to their yang brother, the sun.

A Ding Fire person, unlike a Bing Fire, which creates itself, can be burned out by its constantly helping nature. When this happens, they take a “careless attitude” in their lives.

Earth Day Master

The element of Earth can be categorized into yang, Wu Earth, and yin, Ji Earth. Wu Earth can be represented by a mountain, a rock and a large boulder. The term solid rock aptly refers to the people of Wu Earth.

Like the “Great Wall of China” built to prevent enemy attack, the people of Wu Earth are naturally protective, quiet and stable. Although they are good listeners, they hardly speak or say what they think, preferring to remain silent and think for themselves. Many will not know what Wu Earth means, so they may seem mysterious to some. However, people still naturally trust the Wu Earth because of their silent power. They like to confess their darkest secret to a Wu Earth person because they know that Wu Earth will not reveal their secret anytime soon.

Sometimes the people of Wu Earth are troubled by too many secrets. It becomes a burden to them. Their weakness in expressing inner emotions and ideas makes it even more difficult for them to call for help when needed.

Ji Earth is the soil that grows plants and produces minerals.

Therefore, people from Earth Ji have a caring and motherly characteristic. They are very good caregivers. Since Ji Earth can grow thousands of things, they are naturally resourceful and giving. People always come to Ji Earth looking for answers and help, while the people of Ji Earth will hardly say no to any request that comes their way.

Therefore, Ji Earth should be assertive, because people tend to walk on them because of their good nature of giving.

Metal Day Master

The metal element can be categorized into yang, Geng Metal, and yin, Xin Metal. Geng Metal can be represented by raw metal, an axe, a sword or in human form, Geng Metal is a hero who always saves the damsel in distress.

Therefore, heroes like Captain America, Iron Man or Superman are very Geng Metal. They are very protective. Unlike Wu Earth who only stands, asserts and protects, Geng Metal people will not hesitate to strike back or attack. Geng Metal people have a tough exterior and don’t mix easily. However, once they become your friend, it’s for life. This is because of their altruistic nature. They are usually very honest people and demand that justice be done.

The harder Geng Metal’s life is, the greater their happiness. If things get easy for Geng Metal, it will soon bring them trouble.

Xin Metal is jewelry, rings and sparkling accessories. Its main goal is to attract people and show off.

Therefore, the people of Xin Metal love the glamorous center of attention. They are naturals at showing off. However, they do not seek attention, but demand that people pay attention to them. Face value is important to Xin. Xin Metals may not be pretty, but they have to stand out from the crowd. The best way to get on the right foot with Xina is to shower them with praise. However, this must be done sincerely because they do not like to be deceived. They may look like a “dumb blonde” sometimes, but their mind and words are as sharp as a knife.

Xin Metal goes through a bad cycle, if they have to work hard or are inconspicuous.

Master of the water day

The water element can be categorized into yang, Ren water and yin, Gui water. Ren Water can be represented by the ocean. It covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. The ocean itself contains many living forms and creatures that are difficult to see from the outside.

As such, Ren Water people are outwardly extroverted and adventurous, while introverted when it comes to emotional matters. Ren Water people are also very resourceful. They are true capitalists because of their strategic mind, the talent of a born entrepreneur, as well as their ability to bring together all the important factors to run a business. Most of the world’s richest people are Ren Water.

Therefore, Ren Water people should not go deeply into the matter of emotions and should focus their minds on trade. You will know that Ren Water are depressed when they are involved in an emotional problem.

Gui Water is like morning dew, clouds or rain. It has no shape and is difficult to hold. Water Gui brings freshness to their surroundings with the morning dew, and freshness to the plants with its light rain. In the form of clouds, they shield us from the bright hot sun.

Therefore, people from Gui water are useful and nurturing by nature. They are naturally introverted and shy people. Their strong quality comes from intuitiveness and they are very good with intuitive decisions.

Gui water is the worst when you stick to them. They will act like a caged animal, ready to pounce on you for the element of surprise and then dash for freedom.

Although both Gui and Ren Water are flexible, Gui Water lacks the dynamism and durability of Ren Water.

A detailed analysis of your BaZi can tell you more about yourself.

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